What Are YOU Feeding YourSelf?

I am NOT talking about food, I am talking about WORD and THOUGHTS. Your VIBRATION.

Take a moment and think about how you speak about yourself, about your live, family, friends, career and finances.

Does it sound something like,... "I DON'T look how I want" "I HATE how things are" "My family & friends MISUNDERSTANDS me" "I HATE my job, I DON"T make enough money" ?


For many many MANY years I would say awful things about myself and my life. I would unconsciously ALLOW myself to live in a state of complaining.

I had somehow turned into a grumpy complaining monster. Always looking at the negative of things. Always putting complaint when there could have been acceptance or allowing.

It took me many years to relies what I was doing to myself. I was FEEDING my Mind. Body & Spirit nothing but negativity. Regardless if I was the speaking the words or thinking them . I was the one allowing myself to be in a negative state.

When I finally "WOKE" up and saw what I was doing, I had to make a change! I knew I would not be able to stay where I was much longer before things gotten worse.

So, I decided to make a change and I knew that change had to start with me. But how?

For many weeks I read so many self help books, listened to many YouTube meditations, and all that was great! I was able to SEE how I had be self-sabotaging my self and the life I truly dreamed about.

If I wanted things to be different, then I had to be different. I started caring about who I was spending my time with. I started caring about what foods I ate. I paid better attention to what I was watching and listening to.

If you are wanting something better, if you are wanting to feel happy. Have you asked "What Am I Feeding Myself?"

It all starts with the self. With YOU! You are the only person who can make the difference.


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