What do you want to do with your life?

I see so many people everyday saying "I wish I had done that" or "Doing this would be better" or "I just want something better".

I understand, for so long I would sing the song of the "Shoulda Coulda Woulda's". I mean it was latterly my lives song.

"I SHOULDA done this, I COULDA have done that, and I WOULDA if only this happened".

Then it seemed that no matter where I was in my life, my song kept getting stronger and stronger and I started feeling worse and worse about what I didn't do, or what i should have done or could have done.

BUT, what was that getting me? NOTHING! But more to SCHULDA COULDA & WOULDA experiences.

It wasn't until I was in my 30s that I realized that I have had enough of living in the past. I was tired of thinking HOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN. Because you know what? HOW do I even know things could have been better? What if I DID change something from my past, would I really be in a better place?

After thinking about that question for a few day, I decided I have now why of knowing. Than it dawned on me.

If I was something "better" then I have to start Thinking, Speaking and Feeling Better about myself and about my life. That all I can really do that will make a change is start looking and moving forward instead of keep wishing I could change the past.

All it took was the decision to move forward and accept the past is what it is, the past. That I am more then my current experience and that I am worthy of more!

You are more than what you allow yourself to believe. You are worthy of all that you want and desire. My question to you is.

What Is Keeping You From Believing In Yourself?

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