Let It Go!

I get it, there is so much going on on our planet and all you want to do is hide inside the house for the rest of your life.

I understand what it is to grow up feeling unworthy and unwanted.

I know what it is to hide in the closet and cry into a pillow so no one would hear.

I get it, I really really do!

From birth (1982) until 2010, my life had been nothing but one "bad" event after another.

Family and friends would laugh and make fun of my "unluckiness".

Teachers told me I would never be anything more than a pretty face.

My mother would remind me everyday of how wrong I was living life.

So I get it! You have a past that no one knows about. You are holding on to feeling and thoughts that you wish would just go away. You just want to feel better, happier & joyful.

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! is what wants to come out. So scream it out. Let all the anger, sadness, fear, regret and anything else you may be holding on to OUT! It wants OUT!

And deep down you want it OUT!

So, SCREAM, go hug/talk a tree, start writing how your feel on paper and (in a safe space) BURN IT.

Allow all the negative feeling go!

I mean for real, why do you hold on to it. What purpose does it serve you? How can you hope to get in a happy space if you don't allow yourself the possibility of happiness?

I promise, once you allow yourself to let go of all the energy that is no longer of your best interest, you will start feeling like YOU. You will start hearing YOUR voice again. You will start feeling free and light.

The choice is always yours. What do you choose moving forward?

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