It's All About You

You are the one with all the POWER! You are the one CREATING your reality! You are the KEY!

Have you ever heard the phrase "You Get What You Focus On?"

Everyday I hear People talk about how unhappy they are, how things keep happening to them and that life just sucks. And if they could do this or have that, or change a few things then they would be happier. Basically relining on reality to make them happy.

Allow me to explain,

Example 1, The Negative Alignment

John lives in a beautiful house, drives expansive cars, is very successful in his career, and is married to a beautiful woman. However, John is always complaining about how sad he feels everyday, that nothing ever seems to go the way he want.

When asked what is causing him to feel sad, his answer is always the same. "I don't know, just how it is."

John continues to allow his sad feeling to take over him. He constantly thinks about how sad he is. He will tell anyone who will listen how sad he is. And by think and talking about his sadness he continues to feed the sadness. The Alignment.

After sometime, John's business starts to loose clients. He has to move out of his large beautiful home. He ends up having to sell his expansive cars and his beautiful wife gets tired of his mood and everything declining in their life and ends up leaving him.

Because John was so focused on his sadness, the Universe had no choice but to continue to give him a matching reality. The Universe keep giving him something to be sad about.

The Alignment

Example 2, The Positive Alignment

John lives in a small apartment, he walks to his place of employment everyday. While on his walks to and from work, John always thinks about how grateful he is to have what he has and is always smiling and whistling a happy tune.

John continues his happy feelings and talks to others about the things and actives that brings him happiness and joy and thinks about what would bring him more happiness and joy.

The Alignment

After sometime, John get the job of a lifetime, making more money then he needs, finds a beautiful woman whom he loves and later starts a family.

Because John was so focused on being happy, The Universe had no choice but to continue to give him a matching reality. The Universe kept giving him something to be happy about.

The Alignment

Regardless of where you may find yourself in your reality now, if you want something different You have to be the change. It starts with you and only you, period.

You want love, start loving. You want happiness, start being happy. There is nothing you can't do or have, unless you belief it so.

By the law of attraction, you get want you are focused on.

So, my question for you is,

  • What Are You Focused On?

  • What Do You Want?

  • Why Do You Want It?

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