Everyday I hear people griping and bitching about what the DIDN'T have growing up.

"I DIDN'T get that" I DIDN'T do this" They DIDN'T..."

(You are an adult, time to be one)

Why are you so focused on what DIDN'T happen or what you DIDN'T have?

Your life was the way it was, END OF STORY.

And when we keep looking at the BIG BAD PAST we are not focused on what is ahead.

Just like when driving a car, if we are concentrating on the rearview mirror and not paying attention to the road, what do you think will happen?

CRASH! And you have no one to blame but yourself.

Yes, I understand that the past can be painful and misunderstanding. Yes, I understand wishing that parents would do this or that or whatever the case may be, please believe me when I say I UNDERSTAND.

I use to wish for time to rewind and allow me a do over.

But I came to learn, that if I could and did change anything from my past, I would not be who I am today. I maybe married to someone else, Have different kids, Working in a different career and who really knows if it would be,... better?

What if I did go and was able to change something from the past, and it turns out to be the worst choice ever?

There is no going back. What has happened, happened. You have the choice to decide if you are going to allow the past to have power over you or you can accept your past for what it is, the past.

You still have a future to create.

Who do you want it to be?

How do you want to spend it with?

The choice is yours and yours alone.

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