A Shoe Story

The Story I Am About To Tell Is 100% True!

When I started to consciously use the law of attraction, My oldest daughter age 10 at the time) came to me begging for a special pear of shoes for Christmas.

At this time, My husband and I had just had our second daughter, my husband was in the middle of finishing college; Let's just say things were very tight, financially. And I basically already had all Christmas Shopping DONE, or so I thought.

So, when my oldest came to me, I started to have an "Inner Meltdown". "How am I going to pay for these expansive shoes?" "Where will the extra money come from?" Where the thoughts running through my mind and then I realized. I was allowing myself to spin in a downward spiral of Low Vibrational Energy.

I yelled STOP as loud as I could to myself.

I knew what I was doing. And I knew that if I allowed myself to go down the "old ways" then mostly likely I would not be able to get what I want, in this case shoes.

So, I remembered the processes I was doing with my life coach and keeping in mind the rules of the Law of Attraction.

I set down, allowed my mind, body and spirit to get quiet. I allowed myself to visualized Christmas morning. What I would cook, how the tree looked with all the gifts under them and then I visualized her picking up the gift. I focused on how it felt to see her so happy to have what she wanted. I allowed myself feel how good it felt to witness her joy. And that made me feel joy.

I did this process for about 3 weeks.

Then one day, with out really thinking about the shoes anymore, my husband and I had to go to the mall and get some last minute gifts.

So, he walked into a store and right next to it was a children's shoe store. I told my husband "I was just going to look at the shoes and see how much they are".

As I started walking to the shoe store, I started talking positively to myself like, " everything is paid, I can afford them" over and over again in my head until I walk up to the shoes and saw how much the really were.

WOW! For kids shoes, Really!?! Is what I deeply wanted to say and think. But I couldn't allow it. I kept saying, " yes I can" "everything is paid" " I can do this".

And then, all of a sudden I hear "What size do you need?"

I turn to find the store worker standing right behind me.

I took a DEEEEP breathe and told her what size and shoe I wanted.

She went in the back to grab my shoes, I keep telling myself, " all is well" " all is well". After a few moments, the lady came back with the shoes, she began doing something on her computer and then placed the shoes in a bag and handed the bag to me and said "Have A Nice Day".

I just looked at her. Waiting for some crew with camera's to jump out and yell GOTCHA!

Nothing happened.

I asked her if she would like payment? Because I do not feel like going to mall jail over shoes.

She laughed and told me that, the store she works for bought all the store employees shoes for the holiday season, and that her husband would be unhappy if she took another pair of shoes home. "So I am gifting my shoes to you" she said.


It was at that moment that I figured it out, that keeping myself in the a trusting state and not worrying about the HOW, WHEN or WHERE the manifestation is going to take place, but to just ALLOW and TRUST that I am doing the work, I am keeping myself in the vibration needed to manifest what I want.

Since then, I have manifested Money, Homes, Cars, Health and SO MUCH MORE!

Who knows where I would be now if I didn't allow myself the time I needed to do the energy work required to manifest the life I have now.

What Could You Manifest?

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