What Is A Life Coach? "A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives."- Google

Some people think that hiring a life coach there must be something wrong with you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider all the highly successful people who have some kind of coach in their lives.


It might be a personal fitness coach, a sports coach, a wellness coach, a business coach, or a life coach. The purpose of hiring a life coach is to work in partnership with you to help you reach their potential across the facets of life that are important to you. 


Just as professional sports coaches work with players on the technical and psychological aspects of their performance, a life coach works with you to uncover your strengths and unique abilities and work together to help you achieve your personal goals and aspirations.

The purpose of life coaching is to enable and empower you to take responsibility for your life and keep you accountable for taking a structured and disciplined approach to personal development.


My role as your life coach, will be to help you unlock the answers that already exist within you, so that you can connect with your own path in life.

This requires you to become consciously aware of your vision, your own life’s purpose and requires you to commit to the process.

And with the tools and processes that I have mastered over the years, you will be able to shift from one vibration to another with ease, allowing you to manifest what it is you want faster. 


"Helping OTHERS Live The LIFE They WANT"

Hello! My name is Adriane, I learned about the universal law of attraction when I was 24yrs old. And at age 34 I decided to become a Certified Life Coach, and since 2016 I have made it my lives mission to help others live a fulfilling life, in whatever way that looks for them. 

We all are different and want different things. However, most of us have it in our mind that we are not deserving or worthy of what we want, like Happiness, Joy and Love.


I, once believed that I was not worthy of ANYTHING!!!

Growing up I faced a lot of challenges with Health, Grief, Acceptance & MORE. For years I would complain about my life to anyone that would listen, only to realize that complaining helped make my life the way it was.

In 2006 I learned about the Law Of Attraction and how our personal energy creates our life. My mind was BLOWN! I started applying the information in all areas of my daily routine. MEDITATION, AFFERMATIONS, BREATHING TOOLS & MORE. And I must say since then, everything completely turned around for me!

I was happy, I AM HAPPY!

By CHOOSING my happiness above all else, I began to understand more of how ENERGY works. I was able to attract my Husband, my Children, New Friendships, Business Connection, Good Health, Money and


And YOU can too! You are worthy of Happiness. You are worthy of Love. You are worthy of EVERYTHING!

The question is, do You believe you are worthy of having it ALL?